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We would like to apply to all competitors that for registration at the official bureau they will need working books of their dogs and original canine pedigree otherwise the participation on competition won’t be possible. Dogs passports or vaccination records they should keep for veterinary inspection. At the registration the leader of the team will hand the anthem of their country and symbolic trophy for team competition. /29.3.2017/

The schedule for structured departures on training is already available on our website. Dates listed in the schedule means, when every team gets his own allocated space for trainings. For the next training every team chooses the hour itself, but they can train only inside the allowed area. Trainings outside predefined area is not allowed and can lead to disqualification of the team. The schedule contains only those teams, that have already confirmed the date of departure. /29.3.2017/

Schedule of structured departures on training is published. Retention or dog walking in other terrains outside areas designated for training are not allowed or may result in disqualification of the team. Team leaders, please report date of arrival (in case you have not done it already) for the ranking in the schedule. /25.3.2017/

Presentation of competition schedule with time of the additional sequence drawing (A, B, C), departure time and start of track making for each group. /25.3.2017/

Announced the schedule of official bureau and schedule of veterinary inspection and equipment examination (tracking guide ropes). Take a look at both locations. /24.3.2017/

We urge all participants of the competition to verify the information of handlers and dogs in the catalog.  /20.3.2017/

If any team needs veterinary certificate to return home (check in their own country) please to let us know to March 28, 2017.   /19.3.2017/

Team leaders, please report date of arrival and place of accommodation (in case you have not done it already).   /19.3.2017/

On Saturday 8 April 2017 you are invited for dinner and entertainment in the Gemina XIII club in Gran Hotel Primus at 8 pm. Price of dinner is 30 euros per person. Applications will be accepted in the office of the event until Thursday 6 April 2017.   /19.3.2017/

Accompanying program – tours.   /18.3.2017/