About us

Welcome to the FCI FH World Championship for tracking dogs in PTUJ, SLOVENIA!!!


Kinološko društvo Ptuj was founded in 1981. Group of 10 enthusiasts fulfilled their dreams for the organization in Ptuj area that would be in charge of dog training and spreading of cynology between people.

Kinološko društvo is now living up this dreams for 35 years. Main tasks of Kinološko društvo Ptuj are: to popularize cynology, to advice new dog owners, to promote breeding pedigree dogs, to organise dog obidience classes and to organise various cynologic events. Every year different events are organised by Kinološko društvo Ptuj: Čihalov memorial (obidience contest), agility, finall exams of obidience courses and other cynology events.


Kinološko društvo Ptuj is located on gorgeous location near river Drava, only a kilometer away from the city center Ptuj.



Ptuj is the oldest Slovenian town and is located in NE Slovenia.
• The surface of the city is 66.7 km2.
• The number of inhabitants in the municipality is 24,708.
• Altitude is 232 m.
• The climate is subpannonial – mean year round temperature is 10 ° C.