The 23rd FCI World Championship for Tracking Dogs will be held on April 6 – 9, 2017 in Ptuj, Slovenia.

Cynological association Slovenia invites all the dog sports fans to come to the oldest town in Slovenia – the historical Ptuj, that will surely impress every guest with the charm of his castle and the beauty of nearby places.

Welcome to Slovenia!

Egon Dolenc
President of Cynological association Slovenia
Frans Jansen
President of the FCI Utility Dogs Commission


Dear participants of 23rd World IPO Championship Ptuj 2017, distinguished guests, dear dog lovers!

Let me, on behalf of the Slovenian Kennel Association initially welcome and wish you pleasant stay in Ptuj, the oldest town in Slovenia town among hospitable people.

We are very pleased and it is a great honor for us that was our member kennel club Ptuj assigned to organize such important canine event. I am convinced that dedication, responsibility and enthusiasm canine of the organizers are the guarantee for successful performance of the World Cup. Achieved results show that Slovenia is on the right track in this field. Almost century-old tradition in which we have proved to be good competitors, trainers, coaches, markers, canine judges, exhibitors and organizers.

On behalf of the Slovenian Kennel Association I would like to thank the FCI for the trust, to municipality of Ptuj and its mayor Miran Senčar for their assistance in the organization and to Commission for Education by Slovenian Kennel Association for their work in preparation of this important canine event.

I am convinced that the successful organization of the World Cup contributed to better recognition of Slovenian cinology in the world and the town of Ptuj and its surroundings as a hospitable and beautiful tourist region.

I wish all the competitors the best results, a lot of pleasure to the visitors and pleasant and unforgettable entertainment for all.

Egon Dolenc

President of the Slovenian Kennel Association
fransjansen_small     WORDS OF WELCOME.

The international Tracking dog sport finds its yearly high point in the FCI IPO FH World Championship. The 2017 FCI IPO FH World Championship will take place in Ptuj, Slovenia.

The beautiful city of Ptuj with its old  buildings is like an open museum, with old streets, authentic buildings and old castle. Ptuj is also well known for its  beautiful surroundings great wines and good food.

Those dog sporters, who like a nice place and good wines and food should come to Ptuj.

The permanent training of our tracking dogs, from the lowest up to the highest level of a world championship, offers useful information to all responsible and success-oriented breeders. In addition it is a demonstration of a dog’s  ability and obedience under the pressure.

The dogs nose is of very high importance for man, even today with all available hi-tech instruments we still need its incredible power of scent ability in many ways. Search and rescue after earth quakes or avalanches, for searching explosives, drugs, and for aid for people with diabetics, epileptic people ect.

All dog handlers, especially those entering this competition, prove that training dogs in  tracking is worthwhile and is also fun and healthy for both, dog and dog handler.

Organizing a world championship for IPO FH requires many days and long hours of preparation, voluntary work and a lot of effort. At this point I want to thank our Mr Brane Pus and his team who did a lot of voluntary work. Especial I want to thank the tracklayers who have to do a lot of walking for laying the tracks in a sportive way.

I wish all the best to all competitors, who managed to pass through qualifications in their home countries. I also whish the best of luck to the Supervisor and the judges who need a lot of experience and a full measure of objectivity in order to be able to observe and mark the competitors fairly.

I hope all the competitors, guest and friends of dog sport will enjoy their stay in Ptuj and experience the hospitality of the people of Ptuj first-hand.

May the competition run  smoothly, according to plan and may it be success.

At the end of the competition we will be able to congratulate the 2017 FCI World Champion in IPO FH.

On behave of the FCI Utility Dogs Commission
Frans Jansen